The Way of Glory


Cate, a teenaged girl from twelfth-century Bristol, joins her brothers and aunt on a crusade to save Jerusalem that stops in Hispania to battle the Moors. Life on a battlefield strains the family’s closeness as they confront the terror and contradictions of holy war. Cate’s dreams of sainthood change to those of a husband and children when she falls in love with a soldier, but she finds no peace even after the family settles on land taken from the Moors. Cate’s compassion for the conquered Moors soon leads to impossible choices as she faces the cost of betrayal and the loss of all she’s known.

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Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book
-Benjamin Franklin Awards, Independent Book Publishers Association


“Meticulously researched and elegantly written, The Way of Glory  is a remarkable first novel.  The characters are carefully crafted, with strong beliefs and opinions; they help readers understand 12th-century ideas about faith, war, and family without ever becoming empty stereotypes.  Cate is a complex and compelling protagonist, a nuanced character who rings true at every level.  She is a teenager whose fears and hopes and dreams can be understood in any century.  But she is also an authentic representation of a 12th-century craftsman’s daughter, faithfully reflecting the concerns and beliefs of her time, class, and gender.  If you want a riveting read that immerses you in another time and another place, both entertaining and thought provoking, you can do no better than The Way of Glory.” -John A. Wagner, coeditor, Encyclopedia of Tudor England

"One of the many impressive things about The Way of Glory is how lightly it wears its scrupulous research. This fine novel invites you to lose yourself to the compelling character and tumultuous life of a young woman trying to find God and love at the heart of a crusade rooted in greed and hate. This is a remarkable debut by a writer to watch." -Naeem Murr, author of The Perfect Man
"The Way of Glory convincingly portrays a place, a time, and a people vastly different from our own. Historical fiction is a fantastically difficult genre to get right, but Pat Boomsma manages it with aplomb." -Pinckney Benedict, author of Dogs of God
The Way of Glory is a riveting read from first page to last, as it expertly traces the trajectories of several compelling characters caught up in the Crusades.  As the protagonist, Cate will steal your heart; she's as complex a fourteen-year-old as you will ever meet, and the fate she struggles against is a complicated and often frightening vortex of forces, made ever richer by the intense evocation and very thoughtful depictions.  This is a remarkable novel.” -Fred Leebron, author of Welcome to Christiania

". . . I have never read a more mature or powerful fourteen-year-old protagonist, even in historical fiction, and the way Cate faces up to her realities and explores her faith had a real Joan of Arc atmosphere to it in terms of her strength. The racial tensions of the tale are far from simple, considered from all sides, and written with a modern mindset alongside the historical accuracy. The research is not heavily laid into the tale, but is evident from the little details that really make it come to life on every page. Overall, I'd highly recommend The Way of Glory not just for historical fiction fans, but for fans of personal drama and racial drama everywhere." -K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite (read the full review at: )


Benjamin Franklin Awards, Independent Book Publishing Association, April 5, 2019

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