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Although I lived in Chicago my first three years, I grew up in a far southwestern suburb among the quickly disappearing farmland surrounded by the trees and sloughs of the Cook County Forest District.  

In college, I discovered how much fun being a student could be and tried to make a career of it. After receiving my Bachelors in English, I went to Purdue University, first working on a Masters in English, and then completing the course work and preliminary examinations toward a Ph.D. in Old and Middle English. Instead of writing my dissertion, though, I went to law school, moved to Arizona, and started a family. 

Balancing being a mother with a challenging career made it difficult to find time for other things, but once my daughter was on her own I decided it was time to travel and concentrate on my writing. A trip to Spain rekindled my love for all things medieval, and inspired me to write my first novel. The  Way of Glory centers on a young woman in 12th century England who escapes the violence of England's civil war to find herself immersed in the religious warfare of the Crusades and ​Reconquista  in Portugal and Spain. 

I am currently working on my second novel and several short stories. I received my M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Queens University in Charlotte in May of 2016.
​What I'm reading now:

The Book of  Joan, ​by Lidia Yuknavitch

​Night, ​by Elie Wiesel

​Fingersmith,​ by Sarah Waters

​The Book of Daniel, ​by E. L. Doctorow